We don’t waste paper

I’m not a geek, which is basically why I can’t be a ‘wealthy guy with no time to squander when I get fatter and balder’. I really want to acquire a programming language, which can make me more competitive in future career. I don’t have such background to support me to be a tech guy, but it doesn’t affect my strong interest in observing how geeks live.

There’s a origami introduction that teaches you how to make a unit/modular origami of Mathematica’s and Wolfram|Alpha’s logos (I know no shits about these two companies or their services or the language actually, but the logos look great with their complicated evolving progress). For a single one it might take you 1.5 hour, but if you got a geek boyfriend and you really want to impress him on the coming Valentine’s Day, give a shot.

I might go to the shopping mall nearby to grab a book about Japanese unit origami later.


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